About us?

We are the union of specialists with high technological level and experience, graduates in physics, mathematics, computer science and different branches of engineering. We operate in USA, Brazil and Ecuador since 2012. A wide range of services and products are offered in the area of telecommunications (data and VoIP), internet (virtualization), remote monitoring with sensors, electronic commerce (websites, promotions, shops, travel agencies , hotels and restaurants online) and vigilance system with cameras. This union is able to analyze your business problems and provide you with efficient and safe solutions that are to your satisfaction.


Provide services and products to give IT solutions, vigilance systems, remote monitoring of physical parameters, document translation, application and website development and other related technologies to solve problems and customer satisfaction.


Be a reference to the international efficiency of our services and innovations of our products.


Commitment, transparency and sincerity with customers. Customer satisfaction guarantee. Efficiency and quality in services.